We are delighted to be granted planning permission for 20 High Street, a notable brownfield historical site located in the heart of the Old Town, Hastings.

High Street and the buildings bordering this challenging site are all Grade II listed, in a conservation area and the site is also in an area of Archaeological notification due to its medieval history.

The site, once the location of medieval Wealden Hall house, lost to a World War II bomb, now functions as a garden. Permission has now been granted for a 2-bedroom, 3 story house, which is perfectly in keeping with a house of that scale from the 18th Century. The Conservation Officer supported its design because of its sensitive appraisal of the area and the building wasn’t a pastiche of a medieval building but instead ventured into an 18th century building (namely a Georgian house) which would have been in-keeping with what the Wealden hall house would have been replaced with at that time.

The site was incredibly narrow but Iain Exley RIBA managed to negotiate the purchase of the adjacent passage, which then added to the clients’ land enabling the thin strip owned originally to be turned into a wider strip, larger house, and larger and more financially viable proposal, Therein giving potential to regenerate this part of Hastings Old Town

This project is currently being taken into technical design.