Iain Exley, Architect and Designer

Iain Exley Ltd is an experienced and passionate Architectural firm specialising in high quality residential architecture.

As principal Architect and Designer, Iain specialises in the creation of unique and beautiful houses. He is passionate about the preservation and use of traditional construction techniques and excited about contemporary and innovative design. In working with teams of craftsmen, designers, sculptors and artists Iain has been able to deliver beautiful homes that will stand the test of time and serve families for generations to come.

Prior to forming the practice, Iain spent nearly 20 years working for some of England’s most prestigious families and clients, all of which have taught him the importance of quality, imagination and well considered design beyond the norm. Over these years he was an Associate with Julian Bicknell Architects in Covent Garden and Christopher Smallwood Architects in Chelsea, who are both renowned for their high quality classical architecture. Iain also gained extensive experience of contemporary design through private commissions he undertook over the years.

Iain Believes that there are no limits to the form a building should take, as long as the blend of materials, symbiotic assembly and detailing are at the forefront of the designer’s mind. If these are in hand, the building can stand the test of time and will wear beautifully. In the modern Design team where the Architect carries the aesthetic, Iain’s principles have proven beyond valuable.

Our current list of exciting projects range from basement extensions and refurbishments in central London to private gyms in the countryside. Iain’s team approach each project with passion, flair, excellence and a high attention to detail.