Courtyard Stairs

Stairs are always part of a journey. I love stairs, they direct us and provide the context in which we arrive at the next level. Stairs can turn people around to explore the views or you can march in straight line right to where you need to be. stairs are all about time and distance.

These outdoor steps were part of a journey through a sequence of garden spaces. The steps part the visitors as if they were participating in a dance, passing behind themselves and delivering the ascending visitor to a viewing platform to consider the elevated views in the landscape from whence they had come. You pause, enjoy, turn on your heels and head to the next garden. Its all about enjoyment of time and space.


SK658-12 07-05-015 Eastbach court Proposed Courtyard steps sketc


This flight of steps below were an earlier prototype of the steps above. The door in the centre led to the centre of the earth and the ascending visitors passed like sentries ascending to their posts.

Again the approach was processional and all about the enjoyment of reverberant sound from the inevitable human conversations echoing in space around the courtyard as the garden party moved on.

Good parties are all about sound for me, we often say a party reaches fever pitch; pitch being a factor used to describe a sound.E:658 Dryslade Farm Barnbase658.12 Eastbach courtyard stepsE