Italian Garden

The Task was to create an outstanding Italian garden in the English countryside. My work for this project was generally hand drawn because through the creation of hand drawings I could really project and capture the dreamlike nature of this project.

Every month I would meet with the client at his office and we would become engrossed in the job at hand; throwing ideas, stories and influences into the mix. The process was a delight and the future garden was a joy to discuss.

I have added some of the sketches below for your enjoyment.


SK789 26-11-15 Domestic temple.psd

Woodland Pavilion.psd

Cascade side view.psd



Early concept sketch for the secret garden

789 main temple 25-02-15.psd


Perspective 2.psd

Rustic templetto 2.psd

Down the steps.psd


Water garden 1


Water garden 2


Concept sketch looking up the water steps


Water steps in the forest